If you manage inventory then yes, inventory optimization is right for you.  Maintaining the right level of inventory is important to the success of your supply chain.  Like many other businesses, you can strike the right balance with today’s technology.… Read more


How do you deliver thousands of one-pint containers of rocky road ice cream to the grocery store before it melts?  As quickly as possible.  To get to that point though, you need to have a reliable team that can attract … Read more


Calculating the ideal level of inventory is not always an easy task.  The consequences of running low can be even more troublesome.  Avoid stock-outs and back-orders, without breaking the bank, by keeping inventory at healthy levels.

Determining the right level … Read more


Getting data for forecasting inventory can be like pulling teeth.  Holding meetings with sales staff, performing physical inventory counts, looking through sales contracts and historical sales reports takes more time, and more effort, than you often have.  There are easier … Read more


Drawing lines between vendors, supply chain, your facilities, and customers can be loopy and confusing.  Using spreadsheets to manage important data is like following a trail of breadcrumbs, it’s inaccurate and fraught with errors.  Software, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, … Read more


No, we’re not getting philosophical on you, we’re especially excited about a new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 called ‘reason codes’. Users of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 can gain valuable insight into the reasons behind certain business operations.

Reason … Read more


Communication is critical for businesses to work successfully with their employees, customers, and suppliers.  More and more businesses are delving into Cloud-technology to strengthen communication throughout their business, which can have substantial benefits for logistics, as well as other operations.  … Read more


One of the major pains distributors feel is dealing with manual processes.  Even when companies realize the headaches associated with manual operations, automation can be intimidating.  However, the right technology is easy to use and can make noticeable improvements in … Read more


The launch date of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 is set for December 19th and brings some very exciting enhancements for distributors. You can start off the New Year with the tools that will strengthen your business, and help you achieve … Read more


Distributors have a lot going on throughout the day and sometimes it may seem like you don’t know whether you are coming or going.  Get organized with the right technology and not only will you become more productive, you’ll take … Read more





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