Technology changes at a rapid pace, and ERP software is no exception. While many businesses may stay entrenched in technical battles with their own ERP software for many years, the industry itself is constantly evolving. 2011 was highlighted by vendor … Read more


Many important business meetings and decisions are often made while out of the office.  When marketing teams are out meeting prospects and confirming contracts with clients and project managers are in the field checking on the progress of projects, how … Read more


Many companies are making plans to integrate the benefits of Cloud computing to their IT repertoire over the next year.  The technology is still new to many and as such, there are concerns.  Here are three things to consider when … Read more


There are many details to consider when investigating whether it makes sense for a company to implement their distribution system in “The Cloud”.  The key benefits that businesses see from an implementation that uses either a public or private ‘hosted’ … Read more


Cloud computing has taken the ERP landscape by storm.  Companies small and large are jumping to the cloud as they deploy and upgrade their business management software systems.  What are the current cloud computing trends that make it so attractive … Read more


Cloud computing streamlines doing business with external trading partners, makes supply chains much more efficient, and makes it less costly for companies to do business with each other.

Businesses are finding that cloud computing will save time and money through … Read more


Supply chains like to focus on visibility, but few can see everything within their organizations, much less outside them, writes James LeTart in “Guest Commentary:  Invisible Visibility”.  Overcoming issues of logistics and secrecy may be a job for the cloud.… Read more


Our recent blog post highlighted the growing emphasis retailers are placing on EDI ASN. If your customers are retailers they are likely at the leading edge of adoption of advanced logistics systems and technologies. Retail profit margins are thin and … Read more


More and more manufacturers are moving to SaaS models to meet today’s competitive needs for agility and real-time information, without requiring a large up-front financial expense. Because of the ever growing pressure to stay lean while linked to real time … Read more


In a recent Auburn University Supply Chain Management study developed by Brain J. Gibson, Ph.D. and Brent D. Williams, Ph.D., retailers reported that on average 7.1% of EDI Advanced Ship Notices (ASN or EDI 856) are inaccurate. The study, titled … Read more





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