Defining ‘BYOD’ for the Mobile World We Live In

In the digital era we live in, acronyms are everywhere.  To some, it’s almost like a brand new language. We have to’re-learn’ how to effectively communicate.  This especially applies to the business world where more and more employees are relying … Read more


Discussions about Cloud computing have become very mainstream amongst businesses today.  Most companies, from small startups to large enterprise corporations, are investigating what benefits that the Cloud could bring to their operations.  One of the most often talked about benefits … Read more


The 1, 2, 3’s of Distribution: Cut costs, Streamline Delivery Processes and Beef Up Departments

I’m not going to go as far as to say that Distribution is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  But I will say most distributors have three similar goals: 1. Cut costs, 2. Streamline delivery processes, and 3. Beef-up departments.  … Read more


Nurturing your business from the early beginnings takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication.  As the months and years tick by and your business matures and grows, the day will come when you have grown out of your basic … Read more


The beta version of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 is now available to partners, Microsoft announced on September 12 at the GP Technical Airlift in Fargo, North Dakota.  Current and prospective users can take a look at this version of Microsoft … Read more


“Cloud Computing” can really mean two things. You have your system ‘hosted’ or ‘semi-hosted’ – or it can mean that your software is accessible through an internet browser.

In either case, you have these advantages:

  • Predictable cash flow by having
Read more

Process automation necessarily means integration with Enterprise Resource Planning because ERP is the core business system for most mid-sized companies. ERP takes on this central role by joining multiple, formerly separate, business applications through a common database and a consistent … Read more


You presented the ROI case to management and your proposal for warehouse and ASN automation was approved!  Now you need to implement your new solution and processes.  But that’s the easy part.  The hard part will be getting your existing … Read more


Software as a Service (SaaS) models are popping up everywhere you look.  This prompts the question, “Are YOU ready to get SaaS-y?”  If you have global locations or customers, have sales or project managers in the field often, or are … Read more


Following our last blog post, How to Drive ASN Process Automation Improvement, you went to work to envision, design and document a new automated approach to pick, pack, and ship operations.  With your new approach you will meet your customers’ Read more





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