There may have been a time when specialty software systems fit the bill. However, over time customizations and “creative” connections between disparate systems introduced more complications than they solved. Stop struggling with ineffective, disparate software and streamline operations with an … Read more


Business often procrastinate replacing entry-level business solutions or legacy systems with a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution due to the time, money, and the complications that the process can cause on daily operations. However, the longer the delay, the … Read more


Just about every enterprise level ERP solution out there throws around the world “flexible.” In fact, it’s so constant that “flexibility” has just come to mean “customizable.” That’s a great feature to be certain, but Microsoft Dynamics GP is redefining … Read more


Time seems to fly when you are busy doing something important like running a successful business.  After a few years of dedicated focus to your product offerings, operations, and customer satisfaction, we tend to forget about the technology behind the … Read more


If you’ve been paying attention to the Microsoft Dynamics world of software, you may have run across the term, ‘Rapid Start’ recently and wondered, ‘what does this even mean’?

For distributors especially, downtime when implementing or upgrading Enterprise Resource Planning … Read more


There are projects that are better left to the professionals.  Just because you can patch a hole in the drywall or install a new light fixture doesn’t mean you can build a whole new house.  When it comes time to … Read more


Many distributors are hesitant to implement new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or make upgrades because they don’t want to experience any down time.  Down time means lost money, so naturally this would be a large concern.  However, the right … Read more


According to a survey by Ernst & Young and posted in CGMA Magazine online, corporate treasurers are taking on new roles as a result of the economic crisis.  Instead of just handling basic finances, treasurers are being pressured to monitor … Read more


Nurturing your business from the early beginnings takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication.  As the months and years tick by and your business matures and grows, the day will come when you have grown out of your basic … Read more


I’ve heard a few stories over the years about companies that take the time to implement a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution and, over time, revert back to old practices, forgetting that the software is in place for … Read more





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