Businesses using stand-alone software systems often struggle at the end of the year to collect and validate data, then prepare the reports needed for year-end. Looking through financial transactions, inventory and labor utilization, customer services and satisfaction, and other core … Read more


There are projects that are better left to the professionals.  Just because you can patch a hole in the drywall or install a new light fixture doesn’t mean you can build a whole new house.  When it comes time to … Read more


Many companies provide cell phones, tablets, or laptops to their employees in order to provide them the quickest means to complete their work tasks and maintain communication with teams of people throughout the company.  Studies show that people would prefer … Read more


I’ve heard a few stories over the years about companies that take the time to implement a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution and, over time, revert back to old practices, forgetting that the software is in place for … Read more





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