This week the House Committee on Energy and Commerce approved the Safeguarding America’s Pharmaceuticals Act of 2013 (H.R. 1919). The bill, if passed by Congress, would introduce a lot-level pedigree model for prescription drugs, for responsible handling and keeping track … Read more


If you don’t know what ‘big data’ is or if you’re relatively new to the term; we’re here to help!  Your business generates a lot of data – we are talking income, expenses, profit margins, customers, and other financial data.  … Read more


 The distribution business is highly competitive, and any advantage over the competition is usually welcomed wholeheartedly. Microsoft Dynamics CRM in general gives distributors a decisive edge, and adding a mobile component to the repertoire may be just the boost forward-thinking Read more


By studying the past, we can improve the future.  In “Five Supply Chain Trends That Shaped 2012,” posted by Sean Riley on SCMR.Com, evaluating strategies and ideas that worked (or didn’t work) last year can provide the insight needed to … Read more


How well do you know what products, exactly, you are selling, in what quantities, and when?  Being able to analyze both individual, as well as overall customer buying habits can help you identify trends in product sales.  With the right … Read more


Every day your company makes hundreds of decisions about which suppliers and vendors you work with and how to get your products to market in the quickest, most affordable way possible.  Even the simplest of decisions are often based on … Read more


Massive volumes of data are being generated every day by consumers using social media, search engines, and making online and in-store purchases.  This volume of information has the force of a tidal wave and you can either float or sink, … Read more


If you’re just starting the search for new technology, the acronyms begin to cloud your brain.  Two of those acronyms are especially important to differentiate:  ERP and CRM.  Both represent valuable software solutions that can position your business for successful … Read more


Supply Chain RopesIf the quickest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line, how did today’s supply chain get so knotted up?  Thanks to the introduction of the Internet and adding end-users into our distribution models, we … Read more


Getting data for forecasting inventory can be like pulling teeth.  Holding meetings with sales staff, performing physical inventory counts, looking through sales contracts and historical sales reports takes more time, and more effort, than you often have.  There are easier … Read more





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