The typical sales order process has many steps involving numerous people within each organization.   From the point the order is taken through sales, customer service or numerous electronic methods all the way through the pick and pack operations – each … Read more


Are you a member of a Client Advisory Panel for your software services vendor?  Do you get a chance to request what modules or solutions your consulting partner will cover next for a FREE WEBCAST?  Do you have a strong … Read more


As you already well know, making your business relationships strong will pay off in the long run. But first, you need to fully understand how the chain of communication is set up within the distribution channel. What relationships should you … Read more


According to this article, you cannot let your supply chain strategy develop in isolation from the rest of the business. Supply chain strategy is a subset of your overall strategy and cannot be measured with absolutes or optimized in isolation. … Read more


Collins Computing surveyed our customers upon returning from the annual Microsoft Customer Conference, Convergence 2011 to find out which events they found to be ‘best worth their time’.

We expected that the ‘Concurrent Sessions’ would rank high as the primary … Read more


In a recent Auburn University Supply Chain Management study developed by Brain J. Gibson, Ph.D. and Brent D. Williams, Ph.D., retailers reported that on average 7.1% of EDI Advanced Ship Notices (ASN or EDI 856) are inaccurate. The study, titled … Read more


Manufacturers and retailers are expecting faster execution, more flexibility, and more efficiency from their supply chain and no one is better positioned to turn these challenges into growth opportunities than wholesale distribution companies. If done strategically and with the right … Read more


Supply Chain Management Pain Points Remain Consistent in 2011

SCM World’s Supply Chain Predictions for 2011 report gathers the thoughts and insights of more than 400 business leaders across industry verticals, focusing on predictions for the key supply chain challenges that 2011 will present. The key statistics from this … Read more


With the disastrous earthquake and tsunami greatly affecting Japan, many of us in the U.S. are uneasy; both for the safety of the people living there and for what it all means in relation to global manufacturing. It is always … Read more


Many people are saying that everything is made in China these days, but the opposite is actually true. China’s manufacturing is booming, but the value of what its factories produce is far behind that of the U.S., according to economic … Read more





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