As a Microsoft Dynamics GP Consulting firm, we at Collins Computing have selected Microsoft’s 2010 Partner of the Year, Avalara, as our ‘Go To” software for seamless integration to Dynamics for Sales Tax Reporting.  Do you need to add the … Read more


The whole concept of an order-to-cash solution is to enable the wholesale distribution enterprise. This concept allows for planning that enables better forecasting, optimizes inventory and increases your ability to sense and anticipate movements in the marketplace. By anticipating, you … Read more


Inflation is expected and just a way of life in our economy. But when you own a business, those extra costs can seem overwhelming and frustrating. According to this article, smaller shippers are prepared to spend more on transportation costs … Read more


Automation streamlines distribution tasks, but some companies automate before they have a good process in place. This actually sets companies back and is a mistake we can all learn from. Implementations often fail if processes are not set up according … Read more


Warehouse management has come a long way from the days of clipboards, order slips, and manually-sorted stock items.  From computer-based ordering systems to robotic selection tools, warehouses now run much more efficiently and often at a lower cost than in … Read more


Employees are often the very heart of a business, all functioning toward the success of the business.  In this economy, when employee counts are shrinking, the remaining employees pick up more responsibilities of their departing co-workers.  Sometimes the duties that … Read more


If you are still using a paper tracking process to manage your distribution processes, you may be feeling increasingly overwhelmed and behind your growing competition. ERP Software helps eliminate this frustration through automatic updates, real-time tracking, and inventory management. The … Read more


Whether you’re relying on accurate data in inventory, sales or shipping – how you see the numbers can make or break profitability. You’ve probably experienced several instances where inaccurate data spoiled a big sale or lost a valued customer. We … Read more


Our recent blog post highlighted the growing emphasis retailers are placing on EDI ASN. If your customers are retailers they are likely at the leading edge of adoption of advanced logistics systems and technologies. Retail profit margins are thin and … Read more


It’s hard to find good help these days.  How many times have you heard that or thought that same sentiment.  Businesses have always strived to capture the attention of the best of the best.  After all, a business is only … Read more





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