By Travis Smith, Appolis Founder/CTO

My role at Appolis is innovation and I’d like to take a minute to share some insight into economic recovery through empowering American workers with technology.

Insight into the future of supply chain from the … Read more


According to this article on The Wall Street Journal, several manufacturers are preparing to cut costs and streamline operations.  Some say a pullback in manufacturing would be a blow to the economy.  In this uncertain economy, it seems that one … Read more


It isn’t unusual for company executives to demand an inventory reduction.  Cash flow is inextricably linked to what is held in the warehouse—and therefore, when the higher-ups need cash, inventory is often one of the first places they look.

But … Read more


Having access to mobile devices can streamline your supply chain, through real-time insight and automatic processes.  But is the security up to par for your operational needs?

More and more software and applications or “apps” are being created for use … Read more


Many companies have various types of risk management plans in place to address major concerns such as natural disasters or catastrophic business interruptions.  More and more companies are now realizing that even day-to-day risks can have serious consequences, and are … Read more


There are just too many suppliers, storage areas, and distribution channels to be managed by pen and paper. Automation makes it possible to manage your warehouse to the best of its ability and also helps you pinpoint areas in need … Read more


Inventory is almost certainly your organization’s most sizable investment.  Minimizing the amount of capital you have tied into your warehouse’s holdings is paramount in order to optimize operational cash flow.  Vendor lead times, which are the anticipated time period between … Read more


A great deal of a retail business management involves dealing with changes. Customer demands change; product manufacturers innovate; sales strategies grow and develop. Historically, retailers were reluctant to trust their dynamic businesses to static, inflexible ERP systems, but that trend Read more


Cloud computing streamlines doing business with external trading partners, makes supply chains much more efficient, and makes it less costly for companies to do business with each other.

Businesses are finding that cloud computing will save time and money through … Read more


The members of this blog are Distribution experts ready to share what they know. Every month from here on out, we’ll be “picking their brains” to share this valuable information. This month’s featured expert is Steve Dwyer with Appolis, a … Read more





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