Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Wholesale Distribution Webinar Series – Session 1

Watch Session 1 of this exclusive webinar with Barry Trailer, Managing Partner of CSO Insights. CSO Insights is a recognized, independent research firm that has been regularly featured in … Read more


Commerce in Motion commissioned a new study to gauge the ability of distribution companies to effectively track, trace, and recall products, both inside the enterprise and up and down the supply chain. Nearly 130 supply chain and operations executives from Read more


The Evolution of Distribution Technology: From Faxes to Website Orders

You might recall when taking phone calls was the only way for a company to place an order.  Then came the fax order, email, and now web portals are a favored way to place and track product orders. Technology is … Read more


In today’s marketplace, businesses need to provide products and services to customers in a timely manner and at the right price.  In order to accomplish this, businesses are taking a close look at their suppliers.  Many companies look for suppliers … Read more


Within the last six months the term CPM has become the way many folks (at least in the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel) now refer to the group of financial reporting products such as Management Reporter, Forecaster, and FRx.  Although … Read more


The traditional role of the chief information officer (CIO) is quickly evolving to meet a new strategic business need revolving around how distributors interact with their customers.  More than just installing software and using social media, CIO’s are now being … Read more


Process automation necessarily means integration with Enterprise Resource Planning because ERP is the core business system for most mid-sized companies. ERP takes on this central role by joining multiple, formerly separate, business applications through a common database and a consistent … Read more


Lately, the Kinect ‘gaming’ device has really made news with businesses and youngsters alike as the ‘ideal’ way to control a transaction, especially if you don’t want to have to touch a keyboard, mouse, or controller!  Here’s a short Kinect … Read more


Appolis has developed an iOS based Sales Order Entry System we call “WoW Order”. The need for order entry in the field is alive and well and we continue to get requests for this capability all the time. This article … Read more





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