It’s difficult for many businesses to calculate how much time, money and customer goodwill is lost because information gets keyed into disparate systems several times. For example: when orders are entered in the ERP system, much of the same information … Read more


The whole concept of an order-to-cash solution is to enable the wholesale distribution enterprise. This concept allows for planning that enables better forecasting, optimizes inventory and increases your ability to sense and anticipate movements in the marketplace. By anticipating, you … Read more


Can you make heads or tails of your supply chain data and use it to make accurate forecasts for your products?  If you’ve answered ‘no’, apparently you’re not alone.  In a recent study by Gartner-SCDigest, editor Dan Gilmore found that … Read more


Employees are often the very heart of a business, all functioning toward the success of the business.  In this economy, when employee counts are shrinking, the remaining employees pick up more responsibilities of their departing co-workers.  Sometimes the duties that … Read more


At the beginning of the year, I handed my Windows Phone 7 over to a co-worker and decided to try out the latest Android devices available via AT&T.  I am now testing with Galaxy S from HTC.

My take on … Read more


Distribution software is loaded with excellent opportunities for you to effectively move your resources around in an efficient way. Think about the system you currently have in place. Does it do everything you want it to do effectively and efficiently? … Read more


Low international freight costs and prices for some foreign goods have encouraged distributors to buy a greater volume of goods from foreign manufacturers. US imports dropped to abnormally low levels in 2009 due to the global economic slowdown, but as … Read more


Why Does the Wholesale Distribution Industry Grow Faster than the Rest?

According to the National Association of Wholesale Distributors, the wholesale distribution industry continues to grow faster than the overall U.S. economy during the recent economic expansion. In 2007, revenues of wholesaler-distributors increased 3.7 percentage points more than U.S. Gross Domestic … Read more





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