The whole concept of an order-to-cash solution is to enable the wholesale distribution enterprise. This concept allows for planning that enables better forecasting, optimizes inventory and increases your ability to sense and anticipate movements in the marketplace. By anticipating, you … Read more


Looking for ways to more effectively manage follow up with your prospects or existing customers? Wouldn’t it be nice if it were easy?

SalesPad has just one more way to make it easier. Using sales document Tasks, SalesPad users can … Read more


Can you make heads or tails of your supply chain data and use it to make accurate forecasts for your products?  If you’ve answered ‘no’, apparently you’re not alone.  In a recent study by Gartner-SCDigest, editor Dan Gilmore found that … Read more


Employees are often the very heart of a business, all functioning toward the success of the business.  In this economy, when employee counts are shrinking, the remaining employees pick up more responsibilities of their departing co-workers.  Sometimes the duties that … Read more


Whether you’re relying on accurate data in inventory, sales or shipping – how you see the numbers can make or break profitability. You’ve probably experienced several instances where inaccurate data spoiled a big sale or lost a valued customer. We … Read more


More and more manufacturers are moving to SaaS models to meet today’s competitive needs for agility and real-time information, without requiring a large up-front financial expense. Because of the ever growing pressure to stay lean while linked to real time … Read more


Top 10 Companies in the U.S. Wholesale and Distribution Industry

According to report linker, the top 10 companies in the US wholesale and distribution industry in terms of estimated IT spending spent the largest portion of their IT budgets on hardware, a segment that accounted for about 27% of the … Read more


Distribution software is loaded with excellent opportunities for you to effectively move your resources around in an efficient way. Think about the system you currently have in place. Does it do everything you want it to do effectively and efficiently? … Read more


Effective and Efficient Warehouse Management Solutions that Streamline Inventory and Shipping Processes

Wholesale inventories in the U.S. rose 1.5 percent in September which was a much bigger gain than had been expected, after a 1.2 percent increase in August. Inventory rebuilding has provided critical support as the economy has struggled to emerge … Read more


New Book—The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics

Thornton May’s The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics is not your ordinary book about analytics or dashboards or data. It’s about how the world is changing and what role analysis and analysts will play in determining the success of organizations and individuals




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