Distribution and Manufacturing companies still using out-dated software can increase productivity and reduce inventory costs by implementing Dynamics GP.   Microsoft continues to grow this line of business by offering big discounts to it’s partners.  Currently Dynamics GP is priced at  Read more



Today’s business moves fast. When customers place orders, they expect feedback almost immediately, especially when ordering takes place online. You want your business to deliver results to your customers efficiently while also increasing your profitability. CAL Business Solutions would … Read more


Businesses are often so focused on the quality of the products that are offered that improving the quality within the business enterprise is often overlooked.  Improving the efficiency and productivity of the common business processes are just as critical to Read more


As a very happy SalesPad Partner, I hope that if your business does any order entry and you use Microsoft Dynamics GP, then this webinar is worth attending!  If you are thinking about changing your business software or ERP, then … Read more


If you send a customer a $7000 hip positioner instead of a $7 hip positioner pad will that cause some problems?  You bet.  That was the type of situation Innovative Medical Products (IMP), a Connecticut based medical device manufacturer and … Read more


By studying the past, we can improve the future.  In “Five Supply Chain Trends That Shaped 2012,” posted by Sean Riley on SCMR.Com, evaluating strategies and ideas that worked (or didn’t work) last year can provide the insight needed to … Read more


With the recent ‘retirement’ or ‘end of life’ announcements of two long time software applications Sage PFW and MAS500 or Sage 500, customers really have to wonder whom to trust.  Investing and implementing ERP software takes a lot of time … Read more


The Northeast supply chain industry saw a loss of at least a billion dollars as a result of the massive storm last month, according to IHS Global Insight. But according to the National Retail Association and Hacket Associates, imports to Read more


‘Big Data’ is the strategic business information generated from advanced software solutions in a comprehensive way. This data is used to make smart decisions that will ultimately benefit a company’s bottom line. As distributors evaluate how to build and use … Read more


The ERP Software Blog just released a new white paper 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This easy to read paper highlights 25 real life scenarios. CAL Business Solutions contributed #10: Pricing negotiations. This features … Read more





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