Infographic:  Remote Inventories can be difficult to manage due to carrying too much or not having a way to get accurate real-time counts.  And ultimately we need to measure consumption so that we can properly invoice on a timely basis.  … Read more


Because the inventory needed is not available!  Seems like a good reason, but many times this is not taken into consideration during the sales process.   Inventory may not be available for many reasons including: In transit, Allocated or Quality HoldRead more


At a Crossroads?   We invite you to consider the Bar Code & RFID Convergence.


In November, 2010, the VDC released an executive white paper entitled Bar Code & RFID Convergence: Enabling Greater Visibility Through Standards, which we thought was Read more


Providing superior customer service is important to winning the loyalty of customers.  Working with your supply chain and having the ability to stock or order the right inventory quickly is important to keeping customers.  Controlling inventory and supply chain is … Read more


Microsoft Dynamics GP continues to be an extremely strong SMB software platform, but it has many of the same limitations of other ERP systems.    They can’t all be good at everything, meaning certain areas of the business are controlled and Read more


Appolis has developed an iOS based Sales Order Entry System we call “WoW Order”. The need for order entry in the field is alive and well and we continue to get requests for this capability all the time. This article … Read more


You presented the ROI case to management and your proposal for warehouse and ASN automation was approved!  Now you need to implement your new solution and processes.  But that’s the easy part.  The hard part will be getting your existing … Read more


Sometimes it seems like our perfect balance of supply and demand is like a mirage in the distance.  We can see it, but just can’t seem to get there.  Supply chain challenges always seem to crop up creating speed bumps … Read more


Remember the scene in “Rain Man” when Dustin Hoffman’s character could calculate the number of toothpicks on the floor faster than we could even see them?  Well, what about your Distribution System, can it keep track of the number of … Read more


By Travis Smith, CTO – Appolis Inc.

The use of barcodes during manufacturing is not a new concept, but the efficient use of barcodes is something that is much more difficult to design for.  Recently I read an article in Read more





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