In the distribution business, you can’t please everyone and make a steady profit. The key is to segment your market so you can serve a targeted group well and properly analyze their unique needs. Otherwise, you’re holding on to inventory … Read more


Every year at Thanksgiving, we have a huge family celebration that involves a lot of cooking and a lot of eating.  To keep the kids busy and out of the kitchen, we set up a table with a big puzzle.  … Read more


Businesses choose to use third-party logistics providers (3PL) because it makes sense for the bottom line.  Contracting with a 3PL to manage warehousing, transportation, and other supply chain activities can be more efficient than doing it yourself.  However, how do … Read more


Growth for the sake of growth isn’t the recipe for success.  Opening doors in other regions or expanding offerings without doing your homework could actually set you up for failure instead of success.

Making a successful plan for growth begins … Read more


According to a survey by Ernst & Young and posted in CGMA Magazine online, corporate treasurers are taking on new roles as a result of the economic crisis.  Instead of just handling basic finances, treasurers are being pressured to monitor … Read more


Just like you don’t want your kids to be late for school, you don’t want your important products or services to be late getting to your customers.  Tardiness is never a trait that is much admired and can actually cause … Read more


If you’re like many distributors out there today, you’ve had to cut costs while still maintaining a high level of customer service.  This can be a major challenge and sometimes it’s like struggling to keep your head above water.  When … Read more


As a distributor, you want to meet your customer and prospect demands.  But sometimes the word “no” is necessary and beneficial to both you and your customer.  In this challenging economy, it may be tempting to take on any customer … Read more


Whatever the reasons behind a shift to manufacturing overseas, it definitely creates complexity for your supply chain.  But no chain is too complex for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.  Whether you currently have multi-national operations or are planning to test those waters, … Read more





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