Manufacturers and distributors create a lot of business data.  Many use various business systems to manage inventory, production, shipping, customer relationships, and other operational data.  There may also be call centers, website communications, and prospects and customers alike may even Read more


It takes a well-coordinated, orchestrated effort to maintain just enough inventory to satisfy customer demand without buying more inventory than is really needed.  Managing appropriate inventory levels is a fluctuating, ever-changing activity that requires close attention from a key group Read more


Many business owners spend their day managing operations, satisfying customers, and trying to make the smart decisions that drive growth.  It can be difficult to steal time out of the day to see whether operations are as productive as they Read more


There are a lot of key metrics that indicate whether you have a healthy business, including an evaluation of sales data.  However, you need to go deeper into your financial figures to see if those sales are generating profits.  There Read more


With offices on both coasts and distribution facilities scattered throughout the country, how does a leading distributor keep tabs on inventory?  The secret is in the technology.  Managing volumes of inventory, in real-time, with numerous distribution facilities can be a … Read more


Sell, sell, sell, that’s the nature of the game.  Sales executives need to meet new prospects, prepare more quotes, and close more deals.  While there are a lot of opportunities to improve sales, many businesses overlook the nuances of the … Read more


We all dread preparing annual budgets.  We secretly celebrate when it’s done, then cringe when we get the call later in the year about our budget is near depletion.  The fact is, an annual budget is merely an exercise in … Read more


When implementing new distribution software or making a software upgrade, business processes are affected in a number of ways.  The idea is to improve productivity and make it easier for your employees to enter and use important business data.  While … Read more


growth blog_collinsAchieving business growth can be an exciting time but it can also be dreadfully terrifying, especially if you don’t have critical goals in place or strategy that can handle the growth. If you’re ready, but hesitant to take those next … Read more


Managing inventory isn’t an easy job.  As you’re well aware- making decisions to purchase more inventory that may sit on the shelf for months or years can put your business at risk.  Reduce that risk and maintain efficient inventory levels … Read more





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