Supply Chain Management Pain Points Remain Consistent in 2011

SCM World’s Supply Chain Predictions for 2011 report gathers the thoughts and insights of more than 400 business leaders across industry verticals, focusing on predictions for the key supply chain challenges that 2011 will present. The key statistics from this … Read more


Multiple situations throughout the globe create massive uncertainties about the future price and supply of oil and other key commodities. Many manufacturers are responding by beefing up stocks of commodities and raw materials, locking into current prices. That strategy, according … Read more


Clean Data for BI and BI for Clean Data

If you are responsible for delivering dashboards, reports, metrics, KPIs, or customer insights, you want to be sure you are using data that is accurate, timely, and relevant.  Bad data can result in misguided insights and bad decisions.  There are … Read more


When you make a large investment in your line of business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, you want the integrations to be as long lived as the application itself and as easy to maintain as possible.

There are several … Read more


Microsoft Dynamics GP® is widely accepted as a rock-solid ERP solution, but often it does not meet all of a company’s specific needs in the areas of Order Entry and Purchasing. Adding SalesPad as the customer service and order entry … Read more


Dashboards–Everybody’s Talking About Them. Why?

“I’ve seen those dials and gauges.  They look nice, but once they lose their novelty, they lose their value.  You get a lot more information from a good graph.  So what’s the big deal about dashboards?” 

A well-constructed dashboard can … Read more


“Today, one out of six Americans gets sick from food-borne illness each year with 128,000 people ending up in the hospital and 3,000 people dying every year,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said. The House of Representatives and … Read more


An efficient order entry system is essential to running an efficient distribution business. SalesPad integrates with Dynamics GP to deliver that, more

Saving the Environment as well as your Business: Document Management

We are constantly reminded about how our actions affect the environment, even in our business. In addition to the pressures we already feel with the current economy, we need to streamline our carbon emissions and reduce the use of paper … Read more


Considerations when Selecting ERP Software for your Manufacturing Business: Integration is Key

You may agree integration is the underlying strength of ERP software. By cultivating a single view of company data, your organization can substantially improve information flow, data consistency, and collaboration across department boundaries. When evaluating ERP, manufacturers should consider several … Read more





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