Whether you’re relying on accurate data in inventory, sales or shipping – how you see the numbers can make or break profitability. You’ve probably experienced several instances where inaccurate data spoiled a big sale or lost a valued customer. We … Read more


    Many distributors are faced with the challenge of managing inventory across multiple warehouse locations.  Frequently these warehouses are actually located at their customer’s facility. One of the common challenges associated with managing multiple inventory locations is the seemingly simple task
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Our recent blog post highlighted the growing emphasis retailers are placing on EDI ASN. If your customers are retailers they are likely at the leading edge of adoption of advanced logistics systems and technologies. Retail profit margins are thin and … Read more


Some of us have a developed knowledge of how the supply chain works, but some of us are on a “need to know” basis. For this blog, I would like to delve into why the process is how it is … Read more


Richer Content = Faster Time to Value

Webster’s New Basic Dictionary (2007) does not have an entry for the word “analytics,” however “analytic” is listed as a synonym under the word “analysis.”  So I Googled “analytics.”  Wikipedia says that “analytics is the application of computer technology, operational … Read more


12 Items to Consider for Data Consolidations

There are lots of reasons to consolidate data.  Data from different reporting entities may reside in different databases.  Different departments may have specialized data like T&E data or commissions data or purchasing information.  You may need to combine transactional data … Read more


If you’ve ever upset or even lost a customer because you assumed an item was in stock and promised to deliver by a certain date, when it turns out the item was back ordered, you know how important complete visibility … Read more


Chargebacks happen for a number of reasons and no matter what type of company you work for, you need to comply with the customer’s needs. It’s inevitable; chargebacks are a way of business. If you’re selling to major distributors, you … Read more


RFID Is Slowly but Surely Making Its Way into Distribution and Supply Chain

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has been gaining momentum in distribution and supply chain since Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense announced that they were going to begin using it over 8 years ago. While it has taken time to spread … Read more


In every business operation, sales documents move through specific processes. Sometimes they move in a straight line — from order entry, to fulfillment, to invoicing — with very few complications. These are the easy orders to manage.  Orders with exceptions … Read more





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