What happens when a business grows by 40%?  Of course this is good news, but it also can bring about some pretty severe growing pains. For a distribution company this can mean a 40% increase in transactions, purchasing, inventory and … Read more


Following our last blog post, How to Drive ASN Process Automation Improvement, you went to work to envision, design and document a new automated approach to pick, pack, and ship operations.  With your new approach you will meet your customers’ Read more


By Jim Willems, President, Appolis

Inventory reduction is always a company’s strategic objective, but how can it be done without affecting customer satisfaction and production resources?   Automation systems, like Warehouse Management, allow companies to reduce their overall inventory levels while … Read more


If you’re struggling with warehouse management and the sending/receiving of transactions, then it may be time to transition to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).  EDI is the transmission of various data by electronic or automatic means, and in the context of … Read more


According to this article on The Wall Street Journal, several manufacturers are preparing to cut costs and streamline operations.  Some say a pullback in manufacturing would be a blow to the economy.  In this uncertain economy, it seems that one … Read more


Inventory is almost certainly your organization’s most sizable investment.  Minimizing the amount of capital you have tied into your warehouse’s holdings is paramount in order to optimize operational cash flow.  Vendor lead times, which are the anticipated time period between … Read more


Is your inventory ready to meet the challenging demands of this year’s holiday shopping madness?  It’s a great time of year for business, but if you’re not ready, it can backfire pretty quickly.

Throughout the year, inventory management is important … Read more


Every business relationship can experience some problems: miscommunication, growing pains, or the best problem – too much business.  This is exactly why the collaboration between distributors and manufacturers is so critical.  Whether you are planning to expand into other regions … Read more


Some of our clients at The Resource Group have specific solutions in place required by their industry to perform the mandatory functions of their business. For example, distributors are required to use approved system packages to meet federal regulations regarding … Read more


Most businesses will utilize a set of policies and procedures in an effort to fulfill the corporate mission or goals and streamline operations.  Policies are broad guidelines defining objectives or principles that the company aims to achieve.  Policies are often … Read more





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