Low international freight costs and prices for some foreign goods have encouraged distributors to buy a greater volume of goods from foreign manufacturers. US imports dropped to abnormally low levels in 2009 due to the global economic slowdown, but as … Read more


New Book—The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics

Thornton May’s The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics is not your ordinary book about analytics or dashboards or data. It’s about how the world is changing and what role analysis and analysts will play in determining the success of organizations and individuals

Wouldn’t your business run smoother if you had more insight and control over your purchasing processes, if it were easier to view inventory movement and determine what needed to be purchased? Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad provides the insight that … Read more


Streamlined management of your warehouse is vital to successful business operations. After all, the daily operations such as the order process, inventory management, and finally how items are prepared and shipped, make up most of your day. So you can … Read more


Measuring the Success of Business Intelligence

Like any investment, a business intelligence implementation project needs to be justified and once taken on, the impact will need to be monitored and measured. This post presents different types of metrics and one way to allocate results that are difficult to measure.

For distributors, management of your inventory and shipments go hand in hand. Even though this is true, some of you may have a great handle on inventory, but your processes are broken within your shipping department. Or you have a … Read more


Consolidations–Business Intelligence for Success

For companies involved in any stage of consolidation activity, a business intelligence application can be an exceptional tool for understanding the individual companies as well as the effect of the combination. BI can aid significantly in performing due diligence, company valuation, negotiation, and post-consolidation integration analysis, implementation, and reporting.

You’ve heard a lot about how Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010 is so much better and has so much more functionality, but how do you really know this is true until you see some specifics? In this blog, we will provide … Read more


Minimize Risk with Effective Document Planning

Have you ever realized how many paper documents go into a day’s work? You have invoices, packing slips, receipts, bills of lading, agreements & contracts, not to mention legal and human resources documents. The list goes on and if you … Read more


Reporting versus Business Intelligence (BI)

Reports generally must be programmed by the IT department, therfore adding to the IT backlog problem and causing delays in the accessibility of informtion. BI can give your users self-service access in just a few clicks.




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