If you’re a distributor, you’re probably wondering what the differences are between Microsoft Dynamics® AX and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.  Both are powerhouses in the Microsoft line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that are often compared and considered by businesses … Read more


You know how important relationships can be for a distribution enterprise, but how do you build and maintain those relationships to be mutually beneficial now and into the future?  After you meet and greet the people you choose to do … Read more


Managing Manufacturing Process Complexity

Although companies have access to a wider range of options when it comes to managing their supply chain, processes are getting more and more complex.  Manufacturers use raw materials that come from suppliers all over the world in products that … Read more


A number of factors have made predicting and dealing with supply chain risks even more challenging in recent years. Despite this, some companies are finding ways to cope, according to Mike Doheny, Venu Nagali and Florian Weig in “Agile operations … Read more


How can you make sure your inventory is making you money?  Besides making sure you turn over your inventory, how is it you can tell whether you are maximizing profit margins or just pushing through stock.  I had the opportunity … Read more


If you’ve ever experienced the fallout from order-entry errors, shipping mistakes, product back orders, and irate customers, then you probably work harder to double-check operations to make sure these mistakes don’t happen again.  Working with disparate software systems or spreadsheets … Read more


Whether you’re struggling with employee management or having trouble tracking inventory, challenges in the light manufacturing industry can be conquered.  With the right technology, you can streamline operations to improve productivity, control inventory, and be flexible enough to respond to … Read more


How much time do you spend looking for inventory in the warehouse?   Are the bar codes working or are they more hassle than they are worth?  Sometimes the systems we put in place aren’t as effective as they are supposed … Read more


Kitting and assembly of warehouse items can streamline the order process by saving time, resources, and money.  But there are a number of things you need to do right before these benefits ring true.  To reap the best benefits from … Read more


The Evolution of Distribution Technology: From Faxes to Website Orders

You might recall when taking phone calls was the only way for a company to place an order.  Then came the fax order, email, and now web portals are a favored way to place and track product orders. Technology is … Read more





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