As a very happy SalesPad Partner, I hope that if your business does any order entry and you use Microsoft Dynamics GP, then this webinar is worth attending!  If you are thinking about changing your business software or ERP, then … Read more


If you send a customer a $7000 hip positioner instead of a $7 hip positioner pad will that cause some problems?  You bet.  That was the type of situation Innovative Medical Products (IMP), a Connecticut based medical device manufacturer and … Read more


Businesses have created all sorts of creative programs to manage and monitor vendor requests for proposals (RFPs).  Copies of documents are often filed away in vendor files and on the computer hard-drives of those who write the RFPs.

In order … Read more


Contractors, installers, repair operations, and other businesses that utilize field service teams have a challenge when managing service technician time, parts and materials, scheduling, contractual data, and specifications for the products or services that your team provides.  The complications only … Read more


Businesses choose to deploy a business management solution that best suits the specific business needs for that time.  Whether it’s basic accounting software or a customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, leaders choose the business software that coordinates with business … Read more


You are not alone if you wonder whether or not you can afford to purchase innovative business management software.  State-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions just sounds expensive, and outfitting all of your employees with cutting-edge software sounds completely out … Read more


If you’ve been paying attention to the Microsoft Dynamics world of software, you may have run across the term, ‘Rapid Start’ recently and wondered, ‘what does this even mean’?

For distributors especially, downtime when implementing or upgrading Enterprise Resource Planning … Read more


Have you taken a look at the inventory shelves and wondered why you had the type and quantity of the inventory you saw?  Too much of one item and empty bins for another.  If you scratch your head wondering who … Read more


If you have a handle on your finances, you probably know that you are making money on the products you sell. However, calculating true costs for all of the products you manufacture throughout the year can be a challenge. Microsoft … Read more


How well do you know what products, exactly, you are selling, in what quantities, and when?  Being able to analyze both individual, as well as overall customer buying habits can help you identify trends in product sales.  With the right … Read more





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