Just about every enterprise level ERP solution out there throws around the world “flexible.” In fact, it’s so constant that “flexibility” has just come to mean “customizable.” That’s a great feature to be certain, but Microsoft Dynamics GP is redefining … Read more


Microsoft often offers its customers discounts and special deals for their business products. The latest is called “Give Me 5 Again”, a promotional deal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. In most scenarios and for most companies, this is a great … Read more


Technology and IT services firms are not generally thought of as distributors. But in fact they are. PCNet Inc, a Connecticut based technology services firm and hardware distributor wanted to personalize their financial system to match the unique features of Read more


Most people aren’t familiar with how food gets to the kitchen table unless they are in the food and beverage industry.  Food and beverage distributors and manufacturers have a lot of regulations to comply with, including lot traceability.  The ability Read more


As a business owner or manager, it may seem natural to pursue business growth.  You want to see your business earn the trust and respect of more customers, expand product lines or offerings, and work your way to the forefront Read more


It’s official, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV customers can now work with their partners to get their business solutions in the cloud and know that their solution is hosted on a secure, enterprise-class cloud … Read more


Like the weather reports, it’s literally impossible to get inventory forecasts to 100% accuracy, but you should work to get as close as possible.  Overstocking the warehouse or dealing with stock-outs can be very expensive mistakes.  The trick is to … Read more


Sell, sell, sell, that’s the nature of the game.  Sales executives need to meet new prospects, prepare more quotes, and close more deals.  While there are a lot of opportunities to improve sales, many businesses overlook the nuances of the … Read more


We all dread preparing annual budgets.  We secretly celebrate when it’s done, then cringe when we get the call later in the year about our budget is near depletion.  The fact is, an annual budget is merely an exercise in … Read more


Logistics can be a tricky business function to manage, requiring a handful of your leaders.  Logistics for brick-and-mortar stores is one thing, but e-commerce is something different altogether.  Wal-Mart is a well-known leader in hub-and-spoke logistics but has been late … Read more





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