“Today, one out of six Americans gets sick from food-borne illness each year with 128,000 people ending up in the hospital and 3,000 people dying every year,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said. The House of Representatives and … Read more


Fighting the Competition from Manufacturers with Business Intelligence

According to First Research, the increasing efficiency of logistics systems allows manufacturers to sell more goods directly to end-users, bypassing distributors.  Direct manufacturer sales account for nearly 30 percent of total wholesale trade in the U.S.  Consolidation in many manufacturing … Read more


An efficient order entry system is essential to running an efficient distribution business. SalesPad integrates with Dynamics GP to deliver that, more

Similar to the seasons, sale trends change often…and sometimes it’s even because of the season. As a distributor, you need to identify the profitable products and time of year they are most valuable to you. The fate of your business … Read more


Distribution software is loaded with excellent opportunities for you to effectively move your resources around in an efficient way. Think about the system you currently have in place. Does it do everything you want it to do effectively and efficiently? … Read more


Formula based manufacturing requires a certain level of management and flexibility. Formula calculations change often and affect all aspects of the business. So how do you effectively manage and track your calculations to ensure enhanced lab analysis?

We here at … Read more


Effective and Efficient Warehouse Management Solutions that Streamline Inventory and Shipping Processes

Wholesale inventories in the U.S. rose 1.5 percent in September which was a much bigger gain than had been expected, after a 1.2 percent increase in August. Inventory rebuilding has provided critical support as the economy has struggled to emerge … Read more


Making business decisions when unsure of real-time inventory levels and demand stream isn’t a good feeling. You probably worry more than you should and feel the control of your business slowly slipping away. In addition to the stress of worrying, … Read more


Appolis – The Art of Inventory, a leading provider of supply chain software solutions, has released a case study of its customer Transmed Foods, Inc. The case study describes how our food manufacturing customer has benefited from implementing the Appolis … Read more


Considerations when Selecting ERP Software for your Manufacturing Business: Integration is Key

You may agree integration is the underlying strength of ERP software. By cultivating a single view of company data, your organization can substantially improve information flow, data consistency, and collaboration across department boundaries. When evaluating ERP, manufacturers should consider several … Read more





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