Cash Management Difficult with Outdated Software

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According to a survey by Ernst & Young and posted in CGMA Magazine online, corporate treasurers are taking on new roles as a result of the economic crisis.  Instead of just handling basic finances, treasurers are being pressured to monitor operational risk, cash management, talent development and recruitment, and evaluate return on investment with regard to technology.  Unfortunately, these same economic challenges have caused IT budgets to be slashed, so treasurers are trying to manage finances and critical business operations with outdated software.  You can’t trust old, inaccurate data being captured by outdated software.  You need the right tools to help you manage the critical data that you need to succeed.

There is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can fit both your unique business needs and your strict budget.  The suite of Microsoft Dynamics® software solutions are exactly what today’s treasurer needs to guide your business through these tough economic times.  These comprehensive software solutions can manage financials, supply chain, manufacturing, project and services management, as well as provide powerful business intelligence and reporting functionality.  The right ERP software solution can provide a high rate of return on your investment and the data you need to perform accurate forecasting, control cash flow, and improve productivity throughout your business.

An integrated software solution, such as those in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP line, will improve productivity and provide insight into business operations.  The right software can streamline common activities and enable your team to input and find data faster and easier.  You will also be able to see the connections between business operations and profitability.  This visibility will enable you to be more proactive with finances and operations.  You can take quick action to address problems fast, and identify new opportunities for growth.  You will also be able to perform checks and balances, route data and approvals faster, and use notifications to alert you when monitoring important metrics.

Simply put, you can’t use outdated technology to get ahead of competition.  It would be like using an abacus to calculate your tax responsibilities.  You can take advantage of leading edge technology to make immediate improvements in productivity which will lead to greater profitability.  Microsoft offers several software solutions and deployment options that can work with your IT systems, without increasing IT costs.  Contact Mibar.net for more information about leaving your old software behind and getting up-to-date with an ERP software solution that can help you succeed during these challenging economic times.

By MIBAR.net, Long Island, New York, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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