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Capitalize on Cost Efficient Opportunities with WithoutWire™ Warehouse

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Low international freight costs and prices for some foreign goods have encouraged distributors to buy a greater volume of goods from foreign manufacturers. US imports dropped to abnormally low levels in 2009 due to the global economic slowdown, but as the economy improves, import levels are expected to normalize. If you’re a large distributor, you may even have buying offices in Hong Kong or other foreign cities. This cost efficient opportunity is hard to pass up for distributors, but as import levels normalize, you will want to reassess your situation. In order to do so, you will need full insight into warehouse management and accounting:

WithoutWire Warehouse utilizes the latest development technology from Microsoft to control the movement and storage of materials within your warehouse, process the associated transactions, and provide real-time and web-based visibility about the status of goods in your warehouse. Automation of warehouse processes via WithoutWire WMS delivers value and return on investment justification via efficiencies gained in both inventory and labor optimization.  In addition to insight into your warehouse materials, WithoutWire In-Transit System automates the process of building outbound shipments and movements between various sites within the ERP. The system helps to minimize the labor and errors associated with performing site transfers from remote facilities that do not have wireless or network infrastructure in place through the use of Windows Mobile handheld devices and standard integration into ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics.

As you can see, Appolis solutions prepare you for any economic condition and make it possible to capitalize on all opportunities in the industry. Please contact us to learn more about our complete WMS solution.

By Steve Dwyer of Appolis, Inc., a leading warehouse management Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner.

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