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Can You Boost Distributor Sales with Mobile CRM?

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 The distribution business is highly competitive, and any advantage over the competition is usually welcomed wholeheartedly. Microsoft Dynamics CRM in general gives distributors a decisive edge, and adding a mobile component to the repertoire may be just the boost forward-thinking distributors need.

 One example of a progressive distributor is a company dealing in beer/wine/liquor (BWL). At one time, the sales team had a regular routine that involved making weekly calls to retail clients and delivering BWL catalogs with product promotions and rebates. The sales reps took all of their notes on notebooks, used paper order forms, and had to return to the warehouse to provide clients with inventory information. This involved another round of calling, and eventually, the process would start all over again.

 That same BWL distributor now equips its salespeople with iPads running Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Even while visiting clients, they can check current stock in their warehouses, offer replacement items to clients, and show off the latest products without making extra phone calls or trips.

 Another example that illustrates how distributors can find success with mobile CRM is a fire prevention and safety equipment distributor that empowers its service representatives with mobile phones running CRM software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These reps are in the field 99% of the time, yet they are still able to file their paper work, keep track of customer needs, access product information, close cases, and schedule future service appointments.

 In both scenarios, distributors were able to simplify their business processes using mobile CRM technology that is ahead of the competition. But these are just 2 examples. For more examples and extraordinary insight into mobile CRM and how it can revolutionize the way you do business, download the white paper, “Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer with Mobile CRM” at

Why Go Mobile?


By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions,Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner,

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