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What you can do when your current software can’t help your business grow.

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When it’s time to make decisions about increasing sales and profits, do you ever find yourself thinking, “There’s GOT to be a better way?”

Have you been nursing an old “packaged” accounting software, like Quickbooks or Peachtree, or old customized business software you had built years ago? Yes, it has served you well. But now you realize it’s got to go. It simply doesn’t have the power you need to take your business to the next level.

Maybe what’s holding you back is that your software can’t handle the higher volume of data your business generates now. Or, maybe it’s difficult to find the data you need to make swift business decisions, or to position your business for future growth.

If so, then making real business change means bringing on stronger technology. But don’t let that thought scare you. There are proven business technologies that can position you for growth — giving you technology that no longer creates barriers to increased sales and profits.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software might be the barrier-breaker you need. ERP is basically a single, integrated source that connects all your business operations — from financials, inventory and supply chain, to manufacturing and distribution operations, to human resources and payroll. At any time, from anywhere — even from your cell phone — you can access the data you need, whenever you need it. You’ll never again have to switch between different software programs or wait for an employee to email you a report.

These new business technologies have made it easier than ever to have all the information you need at your fingertips. You can have streamlined, automated business systems that instantly deliver easy-to-understand data. You can make fully-informed decisions that increase your profits, grow your business, and builds assured business longevity.

For example, with this greater insight across your business, you could track trends in your operations to improve performance and productivity. Or, you could monitor financial details to find new ways to reduce waste, improve cash flow, and increase your profit margins. Or, by gaining greater control over your inventory, you could strategize procurement and inventory processes that meet customer needs without overstocking the warehouse.

To learn how other business leaders in our region have used ERP to create measurable business growth, contact Empower Business Solutions.

By Empower Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner out of Pennsylvania

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