Building Unity With Technology

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Every type of business needs to foster teamwork and unite their employees toward a common goal – business success.  You can encourage greater cooperation and collaboration by replacing disparate business software with an integrated solution.  Connecting the core operations will provide insight into how each area can affect the other, which can affect your bottom line.

Nearly every business creates individual departments that have their own budgets and goals and, many times, are responsible for their own technology.  It makes sense that the accounting department would choose the accounting software solution and the inventory management department would choose their own software product.  However, while those solutions may work well individually, they separate business data, making it difficult to put it together in a way that presents a ‘big picture view’ of your business as a whole. 

Separating business data in disparate solutions makes it difficult to get your hands on key data.  You need to find the manager that has that data and wait for it to be sent to you.  Then you have to validate the data and compare it against other departmental reports.  For example, you may need to take inventory reports and compare them against sales and financial reports to determine whether your profit margins are aligned with business goals.  This takes more time and makes it difficult to respond quickly to new opportunities or correct situations that are adversely impacting profits.

An integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is more efficient, especially for complicated manufacturing and distribution operations.  Comprehensive ERP solutions offer the ability to manage financials, inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, and other core business operations from the single solution.  Additional solutions, such as NAV-X® offer greater control and insight with complex manufacturing and distribution operations.  In addition, the business intelligence and reporting features of these business solutions make it easier to determine whether products are profitable, sales are on target, and you are meeting strategic goals.  Each department can monitor the metrics important to their individual department, and you can manage both departmental and corporate-wide data.  

Don’t let disparate solutions blur your business data or isolate your teams.  Build collaboration and encourage greater communication by integrating your departments with an integrated business solution.  Contact NAV-X LLC for more information about using the right technology to unite your teams and get you closer to the business data you need to drive growth.

By Sheldon Kralstein of NAV-X, LLC, Advanced Distribution Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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