Best Practices for Kitting and Assembly

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Kitting and assembly of warehouse items can streamline the order process by saving time, resources, and money.  But there are a number of things you need to do right before these benefits ring true.  To reap the best benefits from the kitting process, you need to 1) have the right assembly plan or design in place, 2) control inventory, and 3) integrate the process with the rest of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.  Not a tall order when you have the right technology.

There are many customized solutions that can be added to your Microsoft Dynamics® ERP software to streamline manufacturing operations.  The Kitting Assembly module for Microsoft Dynamics® provides added control for your kitting and assembly operations.  With the right design in place, you can streamline warehouse operations by having the right parts grouped together for the next assembly configuration.  Save time from walking up and down aisles looking for inventory materials and reduce the clutter along the assembly lines from having extra parts storage in the areas where people work.  Optimizing kitting designs and inventory storage will make it easier to change lines for other designs or product customizations.

Maintain the right amount of inventory for customer products, with less buffer inventory cluttering up the warehouse.  The powerful analytics in the Microsoft Dynamics Kitting and Assembly module will enable you to create more accurate forecasts to control procurement.  Identify trends in customer buying habits which will help you optimize procurement as well as assembly scheduling.  Better control over the type and volume of inventory, as well as when you order it, will improve cash flow.

Integrating kitting and assembly operations with the rest of Microsoft Dynamics ERP will further improve productivity and profitability.  The software will automate commonly manual tasks from sales orders to inventory count to invoicing.  Automate data-entry and use that extra time on other important business functions.  Get your products to customers faster, as well as your invoices, and get more done, with accuracy, in less time.

The right technology can improve productivity in the warehouse, on the production line and in the office, all of which will improve the bottom line.  Contact OmniVue for more information about improving your Kitting Assembly operations with add-on software for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

By OmniVue, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Georgia


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