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Automating workflow improves efficiency and reduces mistakes

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In every business operation, sales documents move through specific processes. Sometimes they move in a straight line — from order entry, to fulfillment, to invoicing — with very few complications. These are the easy orders to manage.  Orders with exceptions present more of a challenge and represent a greater risk for making mistakes. What if the customer has credit issues? What if there are items that are out of stock?  What of the order contains special order items?

Managing the exceptions is where automating your workflow processes provides you the biggest benefit.

When you automate the workflow process, you’ll gain more control of your documents and achieve improved business efficiency. You’ll have better visibility of exactly where each quote, order, invoice, and return is in your business process.  This visibility will result in reduced mistakes and improved customer satisfaction.

SalesPad Workflow allows users to define the steps that each type of document moves through in their business. In addition, SalesPad users can configure business rule conditions that can be evaluated at each step in the process. If a rule condition is met, SalesPad Workflow, working in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics GP, can place Process Holds on a document and re-route the document to the appropriate workflow queue.

[Watch the video – SalesPad Workflow Demonstration]

In one real-life example, a distributor of new and used computer hardware uses SalesPad to evaluate about 20 different rule conditions as thousands of quotes, orders, invoices and returns move through their business.

Here are just a few examples of the rules they use:

  • Is this a new customer?
  • Is the customer’s Accounts Receivable aging OK?
  • Do the payment terms on the sales document match the payment terms on the customer account?
  • Does the order contain any backordered items?
  • Does the order contain any drop shipped items?
  • Does the order contain any special order items?
  • Is the margin percentage on every line item and on the total order above an appropriate threshold?

Each of these conditions can result in a hold being placed on an order and the order being routed to an appropriate workflow queue for review. For this distributor, SalesPad Workflow reduces mistakes, saves money, and improves customer service.

Read more about SalesPad workflow in our March Newsletter.

At SalesPad Solutions, we frequently work with users to develop custom workflow rules to meet their specific business requirements. If you would like us to show you how SalesPad Workflow can function for your individual business, call 616-245-1221 or email us at

SalesPad Workflow is only one part of the all-in-one order entry, inventory and sales management solution that is SalesPad®. Visit us at to learn more.

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