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Automatically create & send POs: SalesPad launches new plugin for use with Dynamics GP

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Custom PO Generation solution now standard, saves time

Recently at SalesPad Solutions, one of our clients—a print supplies distributor—required a solution that would automatically generate purchase orders from sales documents as a part of a standard workflow process. In response to this need, we created a Purchase Order Generation plugin that can be initiated during batch moves in the workflow. Not only does it create the PO from back ordered line items, it automatically emails each generated PO to the appropriate vendor contact.

Automating the purchasing process is simple and saves the company time and effort; they no longer have to create a PO from scratch when a new order requires a purchase and no longer have to take the time to contact the vendor after finishing each purchase order.

Though created as a custom solution for one of our clients, SalesPad’s Automatic Purchase Order Generation is now part of the core functionality in SalesPad’s latest major release, version 4.0.

How does it work?

  • Backordered line items cause the completed sales document to be sent to a specific workflow batch that triggers the Purchase Order Generation plugin, creating the PO.
  • Vendors are either specified by the user during order entry or determined based on system settings.
  • The PO is sent to the vendor as a PDF attachment, and a predetermined email template is used for the email body.

You don’t have to use the Purchase Order Generation plugin as a part of workflow—if it suits your company better, the plugin can be accessed right from the sales document screen.

Why SalesPad?

SalesPad is a free-standing application that accesses your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP data to improve user experience and efficiency, and all SalesPad modules come complete as part of the core product. See how easy it is to save your company some time – contact us at [email protected] or call us at 616-245-1221 if you’d like to learn more about Automatic Purchase Order Generation, or any of SalesPad’s features.

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