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RockySoft is the premier provider of inventory management software; serving the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, industrial supply distribution, consumer packaged goods, service parts, and Internet-retailing markets.

We design products to help customers manage their inventory scientifically. Clients can now provide strong levels of service to their customers while maintaining a minimum amount of inventory.

RockySoft is a privately held company located in Fort Collins, Colorado and is a Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Program.  Its mission is to help distributors and manufacturers reach new heights by implementing inventory management systems and processes in ways which positively impact the bottom line. By delivering on this promise, RockySoft helps reduce inventory costs, improve customer service and increase profitability.

On average, our customers realize a 30% reduction in inventory, measurable increases in productivity and service levels, and 3- to 6-month ROI.

We provide our clients with:

  • Improved inventory investment
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved bottom line

As the leading inventory management and forecasting solution for the mid-market, RockySoft

  • Is 100% focused on the advantages of inventory management
  • Serves more than 400 users in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Manages in excess of 1 million SKUs, 10,000 purchase orders per month and total inventory exceeding $500 million

Delivering greater profitability through inventory management is what we do best!

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