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Why The Resource Group
The Resource Group helps clients improve business processes, overcome challenges during growth and connects business information by providing rock solid financial management software solutions. Throughout Washington, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, our clients have experienced improved operation processes, optimized financial management, robust reporting and business insight across multiple applications. Our team of highly-trained consultants are dedicated to building solid, long-lasting relationships with clients. The Resource Group is there throughout the entire lifecycle of your new solution; from initial software evaluation to installation, data migration, implementation, software development, system integration, training and support.

The Resource Group is dedicated to a customer service philosophy that focuses on building a partnership that is committed towards your organization's long-term business success. By initially investing time to evaluate your specific or unique business needs, we're able to recommend the best possible solution for your highest return on investment. Our customer service philosophy only starts once you decide on a solution. We continue to work closely with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your software solution, providing all levels of high-touch support: training, technical assistance, custom enhancements or system integrations. Our ultimate goal is to earn the position as your trusted business technology advisor.  

The Resource Group serves business by customizing software, refining, and improving business processes, making it easier for customers to make data driven decisions.  We value long-term, win-win, high integrity relationships based on mutual trust.  We have helped many wholesale and distribution companies meet their required business software needs for an integrated accounting, order entry, inventory management and business intelligence solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP software. 

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions:
Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Dynamics GP Financials
  • Dynamics GP Human Resources and Payroll
  • Dynamics GP Supply Chain Management
  • Dynamics GP Project Management

Specific ISVs:

  • SalesPad
  • Avalara
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