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McLane Logistics Technology

McLane Logistics Technology is a Global Independent Software Vendor (ISV), focused on developing world-class supply chain applications on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The company brings together over a century of supply chain experience in a variety of vertical markets and offers solutions that create value for distributors.

The company’s founder, Drayton McLane, grew a small grocery business into what is now one of the largest grocery distributors in the world: McLane Company. McLane provided exemplary customer service by utilising processes and technologies to expand McLane Company into a multi-billion dollar distribution operation. The methodology and approach used to streamline the large-scale supply chain operations of McLane Company are evident in the solutions McLane Logistics Technology provides to its customers.

Native to Microsoft Dynamics AX, the McLane Distribution Solutions suite includes Warehouse Management, Load Management, Revenue Management, Import/Export, Business Intelligence and Demand Planning. The warehouse management system is the heart of the suite and provides robust functionality that can dramatically improve the efficiency of warehouse operations. These solutions bring best practices learned over a century in the distribution business directly to Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Customers looking for best-of-breed supply chain functionality now have a solution that is integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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