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Appolis, Inc.

At Appolis, we believe there is an art to how you manage your inventory. Our solution process starts with a deep dive into your business challenges. Together, we create a vision for process optimization, combined with the science of our warehouse management solution, WithoutWire™ (WoW).

The art of inventory is borne of three (3) key ingredients: trusted advisor, adaptive architecture, and our WithoutWire intuitive technology. Our mission is to skillfully apply our Art of Inventory to your current warehouse setting and deliver an inventory management masterpiece.

Trusted Advisor
Customers gain confidence while working with our experts.  Appolis employs trusted advisors who have years of experience in the distribution and manufacturing space.  Customers gain knowledge of best practices in process procedures backed by industry leading technical support.

Adaptive Architecture
WithoutWire is built on the latest Microsoft platform including: .NET Framework, Windows Mobile, Internet Information Server, SQL Server, and Office Integration. WithoutWire leverages your past technology investments, giving you a faster ROI.

WithoutWire Intuitive Technology
Provides an intuitive icon user interface, robust configurations to support warehouse operations (multi-bin inventory flexibility, multiple units of measure – decimals, process flows), traceability with FIFO lot/serial tracking, intelligent license plates for container/workflow optimization, real-time notification of tasks directing handheld operator, and wave order and route optimization.

By combining the best practices of the internet revolution and applying the latest innovations in wireless technologies ;  Appolis provides you with a new breed of applications that remove the need for technical skills to use and manage.

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