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Collins Computing, Inc.

Since 1986, Collins Computing’s award winning team has been helping companies of all sizes sharpen their competitive edge. Collins Computing has always had a focus on the distribution industry, with some of the largest Microsoft Dynamics customers using the software to streamline their supply chain management, financial reporting, day-to-day operations, and internet reach out to their clients. 

With Collins Computing as your Microsoft Business Partner, you will not only benefit from the product solutions, but you'll also benefit from:

  • Single source support and implementation for your ERP and CRM applications and network infrastructure 
  • Largest local pool of seasoned professionals with extensive Microsoft Dynamics knowledge and background
  • Dedicated in-house support team that knows your business and the challenges you face
  • Annual user conference to help you learn from and connect with other business organizations
  • Extensive product knowledge of third party applications to enhance your solution

Experience and Industry Expertise  – For over twenty years, we have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions for companies of all sizes within various industries. Although we have specific expertise in distribution (including beverage distribution).  Our 400+ implementations have spanned many different industries, business types and business sizes. We’ve very likely helped an organization just like you!

– Collins Computing has the largest pool of resources to support our customers’ needs on a daily basis. Our experienced team consists of Project Managers, Application Consultants, IT Specialists, System Analysts, Developers, and Support professionals that are dedicated to ensuring your business can run efficiently day-after-day.

Focus – We know what we do and how to do it. We consider ourselves the leading experts in our industry. Our focus is 100% about implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. Period!

Track Record – Over 400 implementations across the world means we’ve established a reputation for delivering successful solutions using a proven methodology.  Collins Computing co-founded the Advanced Distribution Partner network for Microsoft Dynamics.

Credentials – Our success in serving customers is unrivaled within the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel. In fact, for fifteen years  we have been named to the “Inner Circle” (top 1%) of Microsoft Dynamics partners. Of the 4,500 partner organizations worldwide, there is only one partner that has achieved this feat. Collins Computing is proud of this accomplishment as well as the other awards, but we never rest on our laurels. Our success is built entirely on helping our customers succeed, and we look forward to serving you.

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