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Technology can help fleet managers to not only meet governmental regulations but also improve performance of drivers.  Whether you have a handful of drivers or larger fleets, the productivity of each driver can have an impact on your bottom line, as well as governmental compliance.  Help your drivers be safe on the road, follow regulations, and work efficiently through the use of today’s technology.

Getting your products from the warehouse to the customer takes more than just a truck.  You need to make sure that the warehouse picks and packs products properly and ships them with accuracy.  Using Microsoft Dynamics® GP, warehouse and shipping departments can track products more efficiently and accurately to reduce the chance for backorders or returns, and ensure that the right products are getting to the right customers.  Bar code scanning, inventory tracking, and product shipping can all be monitored with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The resulting data will promote better forecasting, optimize inventory, and help you provide better customer service.

Once your products leave your dock, you want fleet drivers to deliver products safely and in compliance with transportation regulations.  States, cities, and public roads all come with regulations for fleet vehicles and driving behavior.  Fleet managers can dispatch drivers through this comprehensive software and offer faster response times to customers.  Collaboration between drivers and the office, with Microsoft Dynamics GP, will streamline distribution operations.

You can also automate invoicing procedures and customer billing through Microsoft Dynamics GP, which will eliminate common approval bottlenecks and expedite cash flow.  The built-in reporting features will help you spot trends in products or customer needs so that you can up-sell or cross-sell and be ready when customers need new products.  Contact Aztec Systems for more information about streamlining fleet operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Aztec Systems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP Partner out of Texas

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