Are You Still Using Your ERP Software?

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I’ve heard a few stories over the years about companies that take the time to implement a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution and, over time, revert back to old practices, forgetting that the software is in place for a reason.  Maybe it’s that new employees don’t get the training they need to use the software properly, maybe the software doesn’t evolve as their business needs change, but whatever the reason, their ERP software is abandoned.  If you aren’t using the ERP software that is there, then you are missing out on a great opportunity – one that is surely better than the spreadsheets and disparate software that is being used in place of the ERP.

If you have taken the time to choose and implement an ERP software solution, here are a few tips to keep your ERP thriving.

1.  Your ERP should fit like a glove:  When you implemented your ERP software, presumably it was the right software for your specific business needs.  The features should closely correlate with your business operations and capture that data you chose was important.  In short, it should fit your business like a glove.  Businesses can and do change and sometimes the software doesn’t address the new operational or other changes.  You may not need to get a whole new ERP solution, just have it tailored (upgraded or customized) to address the changes.  The Microsoft Dynamics® ERP solutions have features that can be easily added and customized, so that your software always fits like a glove.

2.  Keep their number on speed-dial:  Your software provider likely guided you through the process of choosing the right ERP software for your unique business.  After implementation, continue to be in contact with your provider for support.  Training current and new employees will keep everyone using the ERP software properly.  Your software provider should contact you about upgrades and you can call them to add or change modules as needed.  If you begin to see problems in the software or your team’s ability to learn and use it properly, your provider should be able to provide the support needed to get you back on track.

3.  Keep the engine purring:  An ERP software solution is an investment and you want to keep it running effectively at all times.  Your team might abandon the ERP if it isn’t working properly or if it’s more time-consuming then their individual processes.  Constant training from your software provider will ensure that your employees are using the ERP software properly.  Additional support and software upgrades will make sure that the software is running at peak efficiency at all times.

There are many reasons you chose to implement an ERP software solution – to streamline operations, improve productivity, and drive business growth.  Don’t let that fade away.  Working with a reliable software provider, getting the training you and your team needs, and using the right software will keep your business and your ERP software solution thriving.  Contact OmniVue for additional information about keeping your ERP relevant and in use.

By OmniVue, a Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and AX Partner out of Georgia

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