Are You Moving Manufacturing Operations Overseas?

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Whatever the reasons behind a shift to manufacturing overseas, it definitely creates complexity for your supply chain.  But no chain is too complex for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.  Whether you currently have multi-national operations or are planning to test those waters, here are three ways Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you effectively manage overseas operations.

  1. Financial Insight:  Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides insight into all of your operations, including finances, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, project and services management, and other critical business processes.  Choosing to have operations or obtain materials overseas may appear to make good fiscal sense at first glance.  However, duty charges, taxes, and additional shipping fees might turn your cost savings into even bigger expenses.  Using real-time financial data and powerful reporting features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV will provide more accurate financial insight so you can find true savings in overseas operations and avoid extraneous expenses.
  2. Inventory Control:  Controlling inventory in one plant location can be challenging enough.  Add additional locations, a complex supply chain, and throw in currency and language changes that are almost inevitable from working overseas, and you could have an inventory nightmare.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers an easier and more accurate way to control inventory, as well as manage currency and language changes that might come along with maintaining inventory in other countries.  Each business location overseas can access and use Microsoft Dynamics NAV so you have real-time accurate inventory counts and values, track inventory by location and as it is being shipped, and maintain appropriate inventory levels.  You can also provide permissions to suppliers and customers to place orders or track shipments in your software, saving you time from tracking and providing that data yourself.
  3. Accurate Forecasting:  Business intelligence and reporting functions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help track trends in customer buying habits so you can make sure you have the right inventory for your customers when they need it.  You can also track top products, seasonal or marketplace trends, marketing efforts, and other data that will help you improve sales and drive growth.  Monitoring sales trends and knowing your customers’ needs will enable you to create more accurate forecasting for inventory control or other business needs.

Expanding business operations overseas can present cost-savings or it can create greater expenses.  Know what you are getting into by having the right enterprise resource planning software, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Contact OmniVue for more information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how it can prepare you for potential overseas operations.

By OmniVue, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner out of Georgia

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