You Have To Act Fast To Get Food To Market Without Spoiling

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How do you get vine-ripened tomatoes to the market before they spoil? As quickly as possible.  Whether grocery stores, food services, or big box merchants are relying on you for fresh produce or shelf-stable food and beverages, you have to act fast.  Making smart stocking decisions takes access to reliable data and swift responsiveness, as well as innovative software solutions.

Many food and beverage businesses feel the pressure with striking the right balance between product availability, quantity, and freshness.  You want to provide products in quantities that fit on customers’ shelves and are fresh while minimizing the potential for spoilage.  Additional pressure to control costs is also a constant.  Customers want great products at great prices and also to reduce their risk of loss due to spoilage.  In order to have the control, insight, and responsiveness needed to manage a fresh and fast-moving inventory, you need the support of today’s powerful inventory management solutions.

Integrate the Demand Manager add-on with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for greater insight on stocking decisions.  This solution offers demand forecasting and inventory planning features which can support your ability to provide the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time to your customers.  You can forecast inventory based on product, product and customer, product and region, or other variables such as seasonal sales or special promotions.  Identifying and monitoring trending data can support your responsiveness to customer demands, as well as position your business to deliver products to customers quickly and while they are fresh or ahead of their expiration dates.

The Requirements Planner solution provides additional time-saving automations such as speedier purchase order and procurement processes.  The faster you can order from vendors or transfer items from warehouses, the faster products can get to customers’ shelves.  You can also factor in carrying costs, delivery expenses, and other variables when making purchasing decisions so that you protect your profit margins while also controlling costs for the customer.

Speed is a major factor when working with food and beverage products that must be delivered fresh and in advance of potential expiration dates. Contact RockySoft for additional information about the business tools you need to get food to the market without spoiling.

By Jeffrey Porter with RockySoft, demand planning ISV for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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