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7 Ways to Improve Performance in Warehouse and Inventory Management

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When there is a problem with inventory, packing, or shipping in your warehouse, then profitability and customer satisfaction is on the line.  The right technology can be just the grease you need to keep the entire warehouse working at optimal efficiency.  Microsoft Dynamics® AX is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that is tailored for the distribution industry.  Here are seven ways that you can improve productivity in the warehouse with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  1. Get the right products to the right customers:  Backorders and separate shipments aren’t going to win you the “distributor of the year” award.  Use barcodes and scanners to pick and pack the proper products and get them out the door faster.  Save money on shipping costs by optimizing pallets and logistics.
  2. Over/under on inventory:  Real-time inventory counts will enable you to procure more efficiently.  Don’t stress cash flow by over-buying and don’t risk backorders by under-buying.  Always know what you have on hand so you can stock, pack and ship, and replenish efficiently.
  3. Keep the warehouse neat and clean:  Keep the real-time inventory count accurate by counting the process cycle and online inventory count.  Scanners and iPads can be used to keep counts no matter where inventory is located during processing.  Don’t forget to restock extra production components, they count too.
  4. Keep the team on the same page:  If you have additional facilities, you can keep them in the loop with this single software solution.  Transfer extra inventory from one facility when another gets low.  No need to order when you have the inventory, it’s just in your other warehouse.
  5. Streamline import/export:  Knowing what is coming into the warehouse, as well as what is going out can impact the bottom line.  Know your options, and costs, associated with different carriers, containers, and modes of transportation.  Evaluating shipment container calculations can help you receive and move products faster and affordably.
  6. Put shipments on the radar:  Make sure your products get where they are supposed to go and arrive on time starting with a Master Schedule and carrier check-in/check-out.  You can also monitor EDI data throughout the entire supply chain so you can verify where raw materials or products are located anywhere in the process.
  7. Set and achieve goals, corner the marketplace:  Use your technology to know what you do well and improve what needs improving.  Business intelligence and reporting features in Microsoft Dynamics AX will show you how to streamline operations and improve productivity.  You can also monitor the key data you need to make quick decisions and take advantage of new opportunities.

The right software solution can be just what you need to grease the squeaky wheels and keep the warehouse running at top capacity.  Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive software solution that can optimize the operations in your warehouse and give you greater control over inventory.  Contact McLane Logistics Technology for more information about improving the performance in you warehouse.

By McLane Logistics Technology, Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management Solutions Provider

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  1. Nice article. Good points to be considered for improvement in the warehousing services in logistics sector, two points that are more important than others are right delivery to right customer and valuation of the inventory, both these points have more influence than the other points on success of the warehousing services company

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