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4 Questions Your Distribution Company Should Ask Before Buying Microsoft Dynamics GP

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For a business to process high volume orders, it needs an integrated accounting system. Being able to easily access centralized information regarding orders, inventory and the picking process are vital to the lifeline of any company. Microsoft Dynamics GP will support your team of managers, customer services representatives and employees from the initial order request to shipment. You can do it all, and do it all well, from one system with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Here are four (out of ten) important questions (with answers) you should ask about Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution:


Yes. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you monitor and track orders from beginning to end. Instead of consulting with several departments and management systems, you and your employees can complete multiple tasks with Dynamics GP. Work ahead and take note of how many orders are in process, which out of stock products need to be replenished and how orders can be combined for cheaper, faster shipping. With capabilities as essential as these, you’ll likely wonder how you ever made it with your old legacy system.


Yes. Customers don’t want to be put on hold while a service representative scrambles to see what is available. Keep customers happy and orders processing smoothly by checking inventory with Dynamics GP.  Calling the warehouse will be a thing of the past. With Dynamics GP, service representatives will have access to key information like item availability in multiple warehouses, inventory statuses of vendors and alternative products. Representatives can also access this information via mobile devices to close a deal quickly and successfully. On-hand access is one of the components that make Dynamics GP so efficient for today’s businesses.


Yes. If an item truly is out of stock, your representatives will be able to inform customers right away or even set up automated email notifications. They can also immediately create a purchase order request or request drop shipment of the desired item. Best of all, items are matched with the original order once delivered to avoid costly errors. Customers feel at ease when they know their item will be delivered as soon as possible. You can also set up notifications for shipping dates and more. Customers love to be kept in the loop with status notifications.


Yes. Each company has its own picking process designed to suit the needs of its customers and the stock on hand. However, there are so many variables at play that no one person can process and manage it all. An accounting system like Dynamics GP helps you choose the most cost-effective picking process. It is able to process information like shipping routes and methods, expiration dates, inventory status and more. This capability consolidates the picking process into one that is intuitive and effective for your business.

Six more important questions to ask

Find out six more questions distributors should ask about Microsoft Dynamics GP in the white paper, “10 Questions Every Distribution Company Needs To Ask Before Buying Accounting Software” at

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